About Us

Our Story

Brassy Bit Tack got it’s start when we looked around our tack room, and after years of changing disciplines, horses, and accommodating different riders, joked we had accumulated enough stuff to start a tack store! It was also born from frustration. We went through a lot of trial and error, gaining knowledge on our own and by accident, that well fitting tack means the world of difference. We “traded up” many times to find the perfect piece, all the while finding affordable and fitting tack was a challenge. 

When the laugher surrounding our tack hoarding quieted down, we agreed we wanted to share what we’d learned with other equestrians: knowledge on how to get the right fit, the freedom to try some different, and the flexibility to keep upgrading on quality. Brassy Bit Tack was born!

At the Parents’ Rummage Sale Spring 2013

7 Years Later

What started out as a joke among sisters has become a dream come true. 2 garages and 2 locations later, Brassy Bit Tack finds itself in rural Glyndon, MN, about 25 mins from Fargo, ND. Not long ago, we were excited to have 20 saddles in stock. Now, we average well over 100! 7 years later, we have sent out thousands of saddles across all 50 states, over 35 countries across the globe, and supported countless riders in our local area. There are not words to share our gratitude to each of our clients for making this dream possible.

Our very first Open House Spring 2015

Our Future

As Brassy Bit Tack grows, we strive to better fulfill our mission. We are focused on gaining more education for saddle and fitting, repairs, saddle building, and supporting the whole horse and rider. With that growth, we will be expanding our resources and capabilities to our clients that will be based upon continuing education, research, and support without bias or influence.