Our Values

Our Values

Its More Than Saddles

The equestrian community is incredibly diverse, hardworking, motivated, and more connected than ever. Brassy Bit Tack shares a strong commitment to this community-champion safety, preservation of history and quality leather goods, building community and networks, and making this world a better place for the equestrians of the future.  

Commitment to Safety and Affordability

We started Brassy Bit Tack to offer an alternative to buying new, showing that quality used items can be a safe and valuable option. Most of our inventory is used, with each item going through an inspection process by our trained saddlers to ensure their safety for future use. Items that can be safely repaired or refurbished are, to give each item more life for future use. Quality saddles and tack can stand the test of time, and some naughty horses! Offering used saddles and tack can assist riders in finding the perfect tack item for an affordable price. 

Education, Not Opinion

We look back to old pictures of us riding and sometimes cringe. Cringing at our poor fitting saddles, our tack selections or even our lack of helmets. We have come a long way in our knowledge of saddle and tack fit, support of horse and rider, and recognizing quality tack…and we still have so much more to learn. Our commitment to our clients also means a commitment to continuing education. We strive to provide research-based guidance to our clients to support saddle and tack fit, rider comfort, and assisting our equine athletes. We strive to create an environment that values the advice of veterinaries, farriers, trainers, and other equine professionals in supporting the whole horse. Feel free to ask us questions, we are more than eager to share our knowledge!

Fostering Community

While yes, Brassy Bit Tack is a business, we have not forgotten why and how we’ve found success. Our success is deeply rooting in relationships we’ve formed with so many. Mentors like Cliff Langerud, Wally Nelson, the many clients who have become personal friends, and those who have come before us and have provided valuable guidance as we have grown. It wasn’t too long ago each of us were showing in 4H, the local horse show circuit, or riding a neighbor’s horse desperate for our own. We are dedicated to being more than a business, instead adding and building equine communities so each horse crazy kiddo…or adult…can fulfill their dreams with support. 

A Better Experience

We will tell you no! We wish to gain lifelong clients, not a quick saddle sale. We’ve had many riders come in, in love with a saddle, just to talk them out of it. It is not ethical or responsible to sell a saddle that doesn’t fit the rider, the horse, or your budget. 

We are not dealers, we don’t have any pushy sales gimmicks, or work on commission from any single brand. We do have our favorites, yes! However, we are here to support you and your horse, even if we think bling conchos are a bit “overdone”. Our loyalty is with our clients, not another brand or company. We are dedicated to supporting your equestrian career, not a sales experience.

Preserving History

Older saddles and tack can tell a story, if you care to listen. The layers of horn-wrapping on a roper can tell you of the hours checking cows, the spur mark across the jockey can tell you of a rough dismount, the bite mark on a swell can tell you of a naughty two-year old. They can also tell you of craftsmanship, dedication to a trade, generational knowledge that isn’t taught in a book. We are dedicated to carrying on the history of saddle making, championing craftsmanship and quality, and preserving those older saddles for future generations. We will always try to preserve older saddles for future use, giving those saddles time for more stories. 

Reuse, Recycle-More Than Just a Hashtag

Our mission is simple: Providing safe, quality, and affordable tack to riders everywhere. Fundamental to our mission is a dedication to preserving and refurbishing saddles and tack, ensuring quality leather products have a second (or third…or fourth) life with riders. Changing the narrative away from fast fashion and mass-produced goods, instead making quality used saddles and tack affordable for riders well into the future. Our mission is more than a hashtag, more than a social media post of #reuse or #upcycle. It is a commitment to the equestrians of the future. 

Our mission extends beyond saddles and tack, into the fundamentals of our business. We are dedicated to using post-consumer recycled packaging, reusing packaging material whenever possible, recycling unusable packing material, and selecting shipping options that are both economical and sustainable. 

Utilizing leather care products that are free of harmful chemicals, allergens, and child/animal safe is foundational to our core values. We select products made from other natural products, produced by other small businesses, and aid in the preservation of leather goods for years to come.  

Thank You

As our company has grown, so has our commitment to the world around us. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey. 

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