About Us

Brassy Bit Tack got its start when we looked around our tack room, and after years of changing disciplines, horses, and accommodating different riders, joked we had accumulated enough stuff to start a tack store!

We also realized that in our commitment to only using tack that really fit our horses, we had gone through a lot of trial and error, had to try different things and “traded up” many times to find the perfect piece. We all agreed that we wanted to share what we had with everyone; knowledge on how to get the right fit, the freedom to try some different, and the flexibility to keep upgrading on quality. Brassy Bit was born!

We are mainly based online, with our showroom/warehouse located in rural Glyndon, MN. We love to chat about horses, saddles, and swap stories, so send us a message, or if you are in the area, make an appointment to stop by and visit.

As Brassy Bit has grown and expanded to its new location, Amanda has phased out of her role with Brassy Bit Tack. We are so grateful to grow with the legacy and knowledge she has given our team!

Meet our Team


Calie knows everything about bits and about saddles and she gave Brassy it’s start by being a HOARDER but hey we love her.  She’s in the army and does cool things to help women and veterans and was a nominee for 2018 woman of the year – yeah, she’s that damn cool.  She’s married to Amanda’s brother Thomas who lifts heavy things.  Calie buys all the things.


Cadie knows all the things about saddles and making customers be happy.  Cadie also works with Cliff Langarud and is learning about making and repairing saddles so that she can live her dreams instead of being a wage slave for Corporate America.  Cadie and Calie are twin sisters. If you call, message, text, or FB, you’ll be chatting with her. Good thing, because Cadie loves to chat.  Cadie sells all the things.


Amanda yells at Calie and Cadie both about buying all the things and selling all the things and mostly takes care of things like paying taxes and writing things for the website, like sassy bios that horrify Cadie.  Brassy Bit was located in her garage. Many of you may have seen her scurry out when appointments arrived to put on pants.