About Us

Brassy Bit Tack got its start when we looked around our tack room, and after years of changing disciplines, horses, and accommodating different riders, joked we had accumulated enough stuff to start a tack store!

We also realized that in our commitment to only using tack that really fit our horses, we had gone through a lot of trial and error, had to try different things and “traded up” many times to find the perfect piece. We all agreed that we wanted to share what we had with everyone; knowledge on how to get the right fit, the freedom to try some different, and the flexibility to keep upgrading on quality. Brassy Bit Tack was born!

We are mainly based online, with our showroom/warehouse located in rural Glyndon, MN. We love to chat about horses, saddles, and swap stories, so send us a message, or if you are in the area, make an appointment to stop by and visit.

Meet our Team


So ya’ll, Calie is incredible. She is THE mind behind Brassy. Her hoard accidentally launched us into who we are today!  In fact, she can be blamed for us being kicked out of several tack rooms/garages as the hoard continued to grow! Calie is the brains behind the operation, our professional photographer, and inventory manager/buyer. Basically, she handles the hard stuff while Cadie talks to people.

Her knowledge of bitting is unmatched. If you have bit questions, she’ll rattle your ear off about all the things you didn’t know you needed to know! She is paticullaly passionate about custom bits. Preserving that trade within the equestrian community has really become a focus for her. Sometimes, she buys bits just to touch them. We only judge her a little bit for that!

Calie has been riding since three years old. She’s tried a little of everything and can currently be found fancy prancing on one of her homebred ponies, Nova. She also loves chestnut and white overo paints (she has a proper collection), hoping to develop a few to hit the show pen in the coming years.

Calie proudly serviced in the Natl Guard for 12 years and continues to serve the veteran population in her professional life. She has dedicated her life to public service. We will forever be in awe of her. She’s so incredible that she was a nominee for 2018 woman of the year – yup, she’s that damn cool.  Calie and Cadie are twins. Don’t worry about messing them up, they answer to both names! Calie’s husband Thomas can often be found heavy things/rescuing the girls.  Calie buys all the things.

Hoards: Corgis, Roper halters, CA lead ropes. HS eggbutt Bits, and County Saddles.


As you’ve gotten to know Brassy, you have gotten to know Cadie. Cadie knows an insane amount of random stuff about saddles and could rattle off about them for hours if you let her. She is often the face you see when coming to the store, or when we come for fittings. Customer service is a passion, though she is crazy busy and would lose her mind if not for Mikala and TylerMarie.  

Cadie is pursuing her education in saddle fitting via SMS. However, we think saddle fitting is just an excuse to snuggle everyone’s barn cats and ponies.

Cadie has been riding since she was three years old and has tried everything from showmanship to dressage. Horses have been a passion and apart of her life almost every day since. She is coparent to Edward, an OTTB/Unicorn mom, and entirely obsessed with her giant floofy doggo who can often be found at the shop.

Cadie has spent a few years now working with Cliff Langarud to learn about making and repairing saddles so that she can live her dreams instead of being a wage slave for Corporate America.  In 2019, CL Custom Saddles was launched as the opportunity arose to purchase Cliff’s saddle making business. Cliff hates retirement, so he can be found at the shop at least a couple days a week. Cadie and Calie are twin sisters. If you get them confused, don’t you worry…they answer to each other’s names! Cadie sells all the things.

Hoards: leather, saddle making stuff, County Saddles, and unread text messages.


We are so proud to introduce Mikala Wodarek as our COOE(chief officer of everything) and associate saddle fitter. Mikala calls Grand Forks, ND home. She is so ready to assist our northern clients in their saddle fitting needs. She has been riding for 22 years, a Brassy client since May 2015 , and a Brassy team member since the beginning of 2020.

Mikala has ridden huntseat, dabbled in western & English pleasure, western dressage for a bit, then found and fell in love with eventing, dressage, & show jumping. Currently attempting to find success in the world of Dressage. Jumper gone dressager. She joins us as a fellow biomechanics nerd.

You can often find Mikala managing Cadie and Calie (which is a full time job), saying “no”, organizing & creating type-A schedules for fitting trips, drinking all the Starbucks all the time, taking all the photos and booping all the snoots.

Mikala brings some incredible strengths to our team: English tack fit for horse & rider, staying on top of modern tack & training trends, fusing classical & alternative methods to benefit and advocate for the whole horse. (starting with proper saddle, bridle, & bit fit, using accessories appropriately, utilizing therapies such as bodywork and therapeutic products, and emphasizing correct conditioning.) She aspires to achieve boss status in the world of bit knowledge & application. When not doing Brassy stuff, she is Edwards coparent and Trudy’s momma.

Hoards : County Saddles, Back on Track/Benefab items, & LeMieux saddle pads.


We are beyond thrilled to bring this an incredible woman and friend onto our team! Bekah Wallace is joining us as an apprenticing saddle fitter. She is based out of Frazee, MN and will be offering support to our Western riders in Mid/Western Minnesota! Bekah has been riding for 21 years, has been a Brassy client since 2017, and a Brassy team member since the beginning of 2021!

Bekah grew up on a dairy farm and is no stranger to working her butt off! She spent years in both FFA & 4H. She is passionate about sharing this incredible journey with the next generation of riders. While in those organizations, she competed in western pleasure, games, training program, and judged horses.

Today, she can be found correctly starting horses and developing barrel horses with soundness and correctness in mind. We are also peer pressuring her into trying Dressage. The jury is still out on that one! While not riding, she an be found raising an incredible tiny human and growing her own business, Silver Leaf Equine.

Bekah also shares a love for off the track thoroughbreds. Cadie, Mikala, and Bekah all own OTTB’s. TylerMarie has also been an OTTB momma. Calie begrudgingly feeds one of Cadie’s, so I guess we all are into OTTB’s! Bekah’s heart is in retraining OTTB’s. She has a couple incredible bay mares, one of whom she will be competing as a professional in the Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge held Retired Racehorse Project in the summer of 2021. Aftercare and development of these spectacular animals is the driving force behind her passion and knowledge! Bekah is also an equine sports massage therapist. We are excited to harness that knowledge and apply it to finding correctly fitting tack for all!

Hoards: Bits, so many bits. Bay OTTB mares, braided reins, and Double J saddles


TylerMarie Knisley is not a new face with Brassy Bit Tack. TylerMarie is Cadie’s best friend, heart, and partner in crime. TylerMarie is based out of Fargo, ND. For the last couple years, she has been Cadie’s muscle, brain, and sanity. You have seen TM out with Cadie as she’s traveled the midwest for saddle fittings. She is often tasked with the full time job of feeding and hydrating her….no small task!

TylerMarie has been a Brassy Bit Customer since the very beginning. After a lifetime of loving ponies, and having her dad take her to QH Congress every year, she got into horses. She’s since dabbled in a little dressage, horsemanship, and jumping. She’s done an incredible amount of rescue work and volunteer work. She’s probably the most selfless human there is. She shares a passion for OTTB’s and racing with the other girls!

TylerMarie is a Northern transplant, having called incredible places such as California and Texas home. We still aren’t sure why she sticks around, but she’s stuck with us now!

As Brassy and CL continue to grow, TM will continue to save Cadie’s butt, wack on leather (stamping), OCD cleaning alllll the saddles, answering emails, creating wishlists, and managing all the details Cadie forgets. If you need something done or remembered, reach out to TM! TylerMarie is also snack/trip mom….everyone NEEDS someone as incredible as TM in their lives!

Hoards: TM is the only one in this group capable of practicing moderation! Though, she does hoard todo lists for Cadie. We aren’t talking about her saddle pad….stack (hoard)