FAQ and Trial Policies


  1. We are locally owned by twin sisters, Cadie and Calie
  2. We are open by appointment ONLY. We do have pesky day jobs:  Calie is in the Army, a PhD student, and saving the world as a veteran advocate.  Cadie is a Boss in every respect.  We do have ponies of our own, so we are a tish busy. We do our best to be as accommodating as possible. Friendly reminder, Brassy is located at a home…no stops without appointments please! 
  3. We are proudly professional independent saddle fitters. We are dedicated to continued education to best serve our customers without bias!
  4. Safety first! We value our noggins and yours. We always recommend helmets for riders! 
  5. We offer seven day trials on all of our saddles. We know that these are large investments for an important member of your family, and we want to help you get it right. Trials begin the day of confirmed delivery. Saddles must return in the same condition received. Upon return, we will issue a refund less shipping charges within seven days of its return. This is to accommodate weekend, show, and work schedules. We do not accept trophy saddles, unbranded saddles, Double T’s, or Schleese saddles at this time. 
  6. We do consider accepting quality trades. We do not accept trophy saddles, unbranded saddles, Double T’s, or Schleese saddles at this time. 
  7. We gladly offer consignment. We charge 20% at the time of sale for saddles, and 30% for small items. We ask that saddles brought in be clean, name brand, safe, and valued over $400. Cleaning/Repair fees may apply if the saddle is in below average condition. Small items must be branded, clean, safe, and have value over $25.
  8. We offer layaway on all saddles $400 and over! Traditionally, we split the cost of the saddle into three payments over three months. Any shipping or tax charges are added to the final payment. No trials are offered on layaway saddles. If a trial saddle is not paid as agreed, a restocking fee of 20% applies. The saddles stays with us until paid in full. These terms are semi flexible…just message us for more details!
  9. We ask that you pay for your purchase within two days and we will ship within two business days.
  10. All saddles purchased via Facebook, Instagram, and our website are offered with seven day paid trials. The trial begins the day of confirmed delivery. If it does not work, please send it back within those seven days. Once we receive the saddle, a refund will be issued. The purchaser is responsible for shipping both ways. Trials are not available on platforms not listed above. No restocking fee applies to trial saddles.
  11. We proudly offer repair services. Though Cliff Langerud is retired, he comes to help Cadie who will continue soaking up all the information she can from such a talented saddler.
  12. We no longer offer apparel or winter blankets as we are out of space!
  13. We have saddles for sale on this page, other pages, eBay, and several other venues. A saddle is not sold until its invoice is paid. We do our best to work with your timelines, but must respect first come, first serve. That being said, if you keep us in the loop, we will do our very best to work with you!
  14. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash, and Checks.
  15. When we describe saddles, we pledge to do our best to describe them to the best of our abilities. We will measure them as they sit, which may not match their serial numbers. (Padding changes things!) Gullet measurements are approximate (and not super relevant), unless the saddle is serialized. Damage or wear will be pictured and described to the best of our very human abilities.
  16. We are asked all the time what we use to clean saddles. After cleaning a couple hundred saddles, we have narrowed down what works best! We use Bick 1 Leather Conditioner on pretty much everything. It won’t darken leather and it shines silver. Neatsfoot oil is a great option for dark saddles or saddles you want to darken. IT WILL DARKEN LEATHER! So be careful! It does a great job conditioning dry leather, especially when warm. Dawn Dish Soap is our favorite for saddles with rough out leather, or things that are super dirty. It also cleans fleece. Toothpaste is the very best for cleaning silver.
  17. We utilize Goin’ Postal for our shipping needs. They are fabulous, reliable, and most importantly, affordable. They help us ship through FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Speedee. We do not offer shipping via UPS. We ship three days a week, unless there is a holiday. Shipping goes out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tracking provided with every purchase. Tracking updated no later than the following business day. Updates are made to the order itself, PayPal, or via message.
  18. All saddles are sold how they are pictured (minus saddle pads). If they have off rigging, breast collars, or back cinches, they will be pictured and detailed. If it isn’t there, it does not have one. We do carry those items in stock to be purchased additionally.
  19. Any more questions, just ask! We are available via Facebook message, text, or by phone.
  20. If you are shipping a saddle to us, we suggest using an appliance or moving box. They can be found at Home Depot/Lowes. They are made to hold heavy things…like saddles! Please wrap them like you love them! We will return the favor when the leave us for their new homes! No packing peanuts please! We reuse packing materials, and those buggers are impossible to store! 
  21. Orders placed via our website when “local pickup” is selected will have the following policies applied:
    – Small items (bits, bridles, cinches, etc.) – can be picked up at the following open store day. Dates & times are always pinned to the top of our Facebook page.
    – Large items (saddles) – a date/time must be arranged prior to a “local pickup” purchase online. Once purchased, saddle must be picked up within 3 days. Anything longer than 3 days will count towards the 7 day trial period.
    – If you change your mind after purchase and would like your item(s) shipped instead, no problem! Message our page and we will get your goodies sent your way.

~Thank you all for your business and support. We are endlessly grateful to you~