Meet Our Team

Calie knows everything about bits and about saddles and she gave Brassy it’s start by being a HOARDER but hey we love her.  She’s in the army and does cool things to help women and veterans and was a nominee for 2018 woman of the year – yeah, she’s that damn cool.  She’s married to Amanda’s brother Thomas who lifts heavy things.  Calie buys all the things.

Cadie knows all the things about saddles and making customers be happy.  Cadie also works with Cliff Langarud and is learning about making and repairing saddles so that she can live her dreams instead of being a wage slave for Corporate America.  Cadie and Calie are twin sisters. If you call, message, text, or FB, you’ll be chatting with her. Good thing, because Cadie loves to chat.  Cadie sells all the things.


Amanda yells at Calie and Cadie both about buying all the things and selling all the things and mostly takes care of things like paying taxes and writing things for the website, like sassy bios that horrify Cadie.  Brassy Bit is located in her garage, so you are most likely to catch a glimpse of her running to put pants on if someone’s neglected to tell her there is a Brassy appointment.  Amanda ships all the things.