5″ Tom Balding Short Shank w/ Balanced Snaffle Mouthpiece


New with tags 5″ Tom Balding EB #147 Baseline Short shank with the Balanced Snaffle mouth piece and with 6.75″ shanks. This mouth piece is similar to a dogbone. Very soft mouth piece and is one of Balding’s most popular!

Per Tom Balding: The Balanced Snaffle line is an excellent transition bit. Really helps to prepare a colt to pack a bridle. Very soft yet makes a colt carry their noses up and down instead of pushing out. Really great for the colts that wants to reach for the bridle a lot. Makes them drop the nose and bridle up.

This bit is new with tags, however, was used as a displace piece, so had some tape residue on it.

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