Kavallerie 3D Air-Mesh Impact Half Pad


Kavallerie has become the technology leaders in the English and Eventing world with support tack that is far beyond the rest. All research and tech based, their supportive tack is designed with horse comfort and tack support in mind. This 3D Air-Mesh half pad is exactly that! This one is new in bag, but doesn’t have its tag, but boy is this a nice half pad! 23″ spine, 11″ drop, roughy 2″ thick at thickest. This is a standard, M/L pad, fitting 17-18″ saddle. Easy to keep clean, and supports both rider and horse. Per Kavallerie:

  • Delicately crafted from premium quality materials, our 3D Air Mesh Gel Half Pads give you and your horse the maximum comfort you deserve. It has a unique contoured shape to allow your horse to move, run, and jump freely without humidity and heat build-up.
  • Kavallerie’s signature 3D Air Mesh and lightweight gel padding not only promotes the ease of riding but also to showcase a luxurious aesthetic appeal that’s fit for every Equestrian.
  • Each half pad is designed to have the perfect combination of an exceptional fit and superior protection, making it the best partner of every horse and rider for a dynamic performance every time.



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