17.5″ County Connection Dressage


The sitting trot becomes almost effortless in the Connection. The narrow twist, the seat profile, the optional leg positions and the extreme close contact leather all combine to give you a feel you wouldn’t have thought possible. Before you buy anything try this saddle and find out how much easier riding becomes when you have the right Connection. This 2007 model is in good used condition and at a great price! Super sticky full grain bull leather with the XTR textured leather for grip, narrow twist, forward flap with a bolder blocking. Shorter length as well at just 19″. Per the flap, this is a Narrow, fitting right on the edge of Narrow and Medium Narrow, with a more ‘A’ framed tree, wider channel, and standard gussets. Great option for those more athletic horses with a bold wither. OTTB people, this would be perfect!Flocking is in great condition, has a 17″ flap, making this a great option for longer legged riders. Leather shows appropriate wear from use and age, but is soft and grippy. However, thanks to some naughty barn cats, there are a good number of cat scratches on the knee roll. Minor, leather is ok, but isn’t the prettiest there. However, it makes this saddle so affordable!

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