18” County Fusion Dressage w/ NuuMed Wool Pad


Here is yet another brilliant dressage saddle! We are so thrilled to offer our customers saddles of this quality AND wool flocked! We are firm believers wool is #bestforbacks! This 18″ County Fusion is in exceptional condition! This saddle is very lightly used, seeing very little ride time. This saddle has all the bells and whistles you could want from a Custom County, also giving you some unique fit options for a horse that may be a bit hard to fit. For the rider, it has the XTR Leather, which is super grippy, bold external blocks on a straighter flap that measures 17.5″-perfect for a leggy rider who is struggling to find a saddle to fit a longer leg, with a wider seat at twist to offer even more stability. For the horse, this one has special ordered larger rear gussets at 4″, on a Medium Narrow tree that measures 4″, with shoulder gussets and skit row panels which makes this a great option for a sharp withered horse who is a bit too uphill needing those rear gussets to level out the saddle. Flocking is in excellent condition, however, it is flocked asymmetrically so will need to be adjusted to be the perfect fit for a more symmetrical horse. To make this saddle EVEN BETTER, this comes with a perfectly sized wool lined saddle pad from the great British company NuuMed. This saddle is a gem and a fraction of the price of a new, custom County! You can ride in comfort and style, while protecting your budget!

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