18″ Stubben Monoflap Prototype Close Contact


Stubben has been ahead of its time in so many of their saddles. The built a brand on creating saddles that could take the every day rider over a couple jumps, while supporting the Olympic level rider with the best options among saddles. This saddle is too cool, a look at English and jump saddle history, one that started the move towards mono flaps. This saddle is old, we are talking 1970-1980’s old, but don’t tell a Stubben that. These older saddle with outlive us all. We just had a Diana in, looking much the same, but this one isn’t marked with a model name, but was considered a concept monoflap saddle. This one is an 18″, fitting generously, with a 14.5″ forward set flap with external knee and thigh blocks to keep the rider’s leg secure. Very narrow twist, very deep seat, shorter gussets, and wool flocked. Given the fact this saddle was a prototype, it isn’t serialized like most Stubbens, however, this one does have faint marking and we can make out a 30. Going off that, as well as the measurement of 4.5″, it is a medium tree. These saddles came with a girthing system that is completely adjustable. The girthing system on this one is in excellent condition. This saddle has shown some age and use, with some discoloration, surface cracking and is in need of a re-flock, but heck, its in better condition than us, lets be real. Only major wear to note is a rub spot on one knee block. Photos make it look darker than it is. These saddles have a cult following and you never see them for sale.

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