Name Brand Horse Grooming Kit


Here are the perfect Horse Grooming Kits, full of grooming items that are so handy to have around the barn and are all color matching! Each kit comes with a mesh feed bag, that is designed to go over the ears while a horse is eating their grain, and also makes a handy grooming kit. Each kit is a bit different. Most items are name brand, high end grooming items.  New without tags, may show wear from storage. The kits are as follows:

Green: Large two sided grooming mitt, grooming mitt, Mane/tail brush, Tail Tamer soft touch brush with boar hair, Tail Tamer Small Flick hard brush, Tail Tamer soft brush, Grooma soft touch curry.
Black: Grooma Loopa curry mitt, Tail Tamer soft touch goat hair soft brush (x2-Large and small face brush), grooming mitt, mane/tail comb, soft curry, Tail Tamer boar hard brush.
Red: Healthy Hair Care applicator mitt, VIP Groomer Velvet Brush, Tail Tamer hard brush, Tail Tamer mid hard brush, grooming mitt, mane/tail comb, shedding blade.

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