4″ Myler Triple Barrel D Ring w/ Hooks


4″ NWT Myler Triple Barrel D ring with hooks. Level 2 with the Triple Barrel mouth, that offers optimal tongue relief and anatomical support for your horse. Has rings for mild leverage options, has inlayed copper to promote salivation. Hard to find size for a smaller mount or pony. MB32-3 mouth, which offers great tongue relief. Per Myler:

The MB 32-3 is an innovative Myler alternative to the traditional mullen. It has three barrels which turn the mouthpiece from the typical solid bar of a mullen into a flexible bar which allows the horse to elevate his tongue and swallow more easily. When the reins are engaged, the mouthpiece becomes a solid bar like a traditional mullen, but with an exaggerated curve. This curved bar rotates across the bars and lips down on to the tongue, applying pressure across the entire surface of the tongue. The flexibility of the MB 32-3 makes it very forgiving and comforting when relaxed, but offers the rider control when engaged.

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