5.25″ Myler Eggbutt Low Port w/o Hooks


New with Tags 5.25″ Myler Eggbutt without hooks. Myler English Eggbutt Low Port Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle MB06 offers stainless Egg ring, sweet iron mouth that oxidizes for a pleasant taste for the horse, copper inlay to promote salivation. Nice larger size

Per Myler: This bit is a level 2 bit meaning it is designed for a young, green or a steady disposition horse or for retraining or training a new discipline. Level 2 Bits are also recommended for horses showing resistance to a level 1 bit. MB06 mouthpiece features a wide barrel and low port offering more tongue relief than level 1 mouthpieces. Myler bits offer a complete bitting system with various levels and mouth pieces designed to allow effective communication between horse and rider for every level of training.

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