5.5″ Myler D Ring Snaffle w/ Hooks


Very lightly used Myler Level 1 Full Cheek with Contour mouth and single snaffle joint (MB09) with hooks is a great option for horses who need a few options to their bit. Hunter style D Ring bits offer great cheek/side stability, This bit has hooks, which can be used to add varying degrees of leverage options, all without changing bits. 5.5″, nice larger size. Single snaffle, traditional snaffle joint with a contoured mouth to support your horse’s anatomy. Per Myler:

The MB 09 is a more comfortable Myler version of the traditional single-jointed mouthpiece. Although it lacks the benefits of a “true” Myler mouthpiece, it has a distinctive curve so the bars of the bit wrap around the horse’s bar and lips which make the bit more comfortable. Popular with riders who are more comfortable with a traditional design, FEI legal. This style keeps the mouthpiece from draping on the tongue, providing a more direct signal than the loose ring. The straight side of the cheek will not pull through the mouth and does not pinch.

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