5.5″ Myler Low Port D Ring w/o Hooks


5.5″ very lightly used Myler D Ring without hooks. Myler English D Low Port Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle MB06 offers stainless D ring with copper inlay to promote salivation. This is a great, kind option for your snaffle bit. With larger D rings, tongue relief without correction, and lays flat without the bulk of hooks. Very lightly used. USEF/FEI dressage legal.

Per Myler: The MB 06 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen, but it has a wide low port that allows the tongue to pass under it comfortably. The port is ¾” high, just enough to allow the horse’s tongue to elevate slightly and swallow, but not high enough for palate pressure. When the reins are engaged, the 06 applies pressure primarily to the bars and lips.

This mouthpiece is a step up in tongue relief from Level 2, but because the port is low, it does not offer as much tongue relief as other Level 2-3 mouthpieces with slightly higher ports because the tongue is still somewhat restricted. The MB 36 mouthpiece will offer more tongue relief than the MB 06 when the reins are relaxed, but more tongue pressure when the reins are engaged. For more overall tongue relief, see MB 43LP.

The dee without hooks is a traditional “D” shaped cheek with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece. This style keeps the mouthpiece from draping on the tongue, providing a more direct signal than the loose ring. The straight side of the dee will not pull through the mouth and does not pinch.

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