5″ Myler Cavalry Shank Correction Curb


Here is a nice correction curb from Myler. Either an older one or a custom ordered one, as this isn’t available for purchase aside from custom order any more. This one, while likely a bit older, is in excellent used condition, with the sweet iron mouth hardly starting to rust. 5″ mouth, 1 7/8th” port in the 43LP Correctional Port Barrel curb, and is a level 3 bit with 8″ Cavalry shanks. Per Myler:

The MB 41PB is a truly unique Myler mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is a correctional mouthpiece, a ported mouthpiece that collapses on to the outer lip and bars, and rotates on to the tongue. The port has a tiered design; the base is generously wide with rounded corners, offering virtually the same comfort and tongue relief of a Level 3 mouthpiece, while the top is narrower and has pronounced corners. If the horse is relaxed, the tongue can pass comfortably under the wide opening. When the reins are engaged, the mouthpiece collapses on to the bars and lips and rotates on to the tongue. The pronounced corners of the port apply two points of pressure on the tongue for increased control. The result is a mouthpiece that offers maximum tongue relief for the horse, but very good control for the rider. The unique design and the generous tongue relief of the MB 41PB make it the only correctional that can be used long term, possibly even as a horse’s finishing bit. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

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