5″ Myler Cyprium Twisted D Ring w/o Hooks


Very, very lightly uused 5″ Myler twisted D ring Cyprium snaffle without hooks. Stainless Steel 3 3/4″ D rings with Cyprium Twisted Snaffle (MB 09T, Level 1) Mouth 5″. No hooks to act as a traditional snaffle, with contoured mouth. 9mm bit diameter, traditional snaffle joint. Cyprium is a great option for horses who are sensitive to certain metals, as it is a nickel-free copper alloy, offering the softness and promotion of salivation.

Per Myler:

The MB 09T twist has no pronounced sharp edges, and the twist is a mirror on each side of the center barrel to provide a balanced feel for horse and rider. It is a more comfortable Myler version of the traditional single-jointed mouthpiece. Although it lacks the benefits of a “true” Myler mouthpiece, it has a distinctive curve so the bars of the bit wrap around the horse’s bar and lips which make the bit more comfortable. Cyprium is a nickel-free copper alloy suitable for horses with a sensitivity to nickel.

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