5″ Myler Eggbutt Ported Wide Barrel w/ Hooks


Here is a lightly used, 5″ Myler Eggbutt with hooks. Great option for a horse who needs leverage options to their bit while having ample tongue clearance. Can be set up as a sliding gag option. MB33 Medium Wide ported barrel, which is a level 3 bit. Per Myler:

Stainless Steel Eggbutt with Hooks, MB 33 Medium Wide Ported Barrel, Level 3

The MB 33 is the mildest Myler mouthpiece in terms of tongue pressure. The generously wide port allows room for the tongue to pass almost completely under the bit. Because this mouthpiece does not rotate on to the tongue and the port is wide, it applies little to no tongue pressure, working primarily off the lips and bars. The port on this mouthpiece is only 1 ½” high, so it will apply little to no palate pressure. Because the MB 33 offers such a high degree of tongue relief, the horse that goes well in this mouthpiece has a trustworthy and consistent disposition, and is trained to work off the leg and seat as well as the hands.

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