5″ Myler HBT Short Shank Forward Tilt Comfort Snaffle


5″ Myler Level 2 Short Shank in barely used condition. MB36 Forward Tilt Low port comfort snaffle. Sweet iron mouth that is just starting to rust, copper inlays, all for a pleasant taste and to promote salivation for your horse. MB36 mouth, which offers tongue relief. Retail, this bit is $155! This hardly used bit is here for far less!

Per Myler:

The Mylers have designed an entire bitting system to effectively communicate with any horse at any level of training. Based on bitting a horse appropriately through his training, the system works by releasing points of pressure and using softer bits as the horse progresses. Because of the bit variations available, the system may seem complex, but it is quite simple. Each mouthpiece is coordinated to a horse’s training which is generalized into four levels. These levels serve as a guide to bit selection as you match horse and rider needs.

This bit by Myler has a 5 inch low port mouthpiece with a forward tilt. Perfect for a horse with basic training with a good disposition and self control. The slight 1/4″ port offers tongue relief; forward tilt applies some tongue pressure. Made of sweet iron with a copper inlay. This mouthpiece will naturally oxidize, or rust. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.

The 5″ HBT shank is stainless steel and slightly curved back, with a flat-top purchase and a rein ring. The mouthpiece has a fixed attachment. The HBT shank has the patented Independent Swivel Cheek, where the purchase, mouthpiece and shank all move independently of each other. The purchase is slightly angled away from the cheek to avoid rubbing. It has an indirect (curb) rein action designed to be used with a curb strap which attaches to the purchase. The HBT shank uses the combination of the fixed cheek and fixed rein to apply pressure to the mouth, chin and poll.

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