5″ Myler Original Cavalry Long Shank Correction Curb


This correction curb is an original Myler, one that is only available through custom order through Myler itself. This one, while likely a bit older, is in excellent used condition, with the sweet iron mouth hardly starting to rust. 5″ mouth, 2″ port in the MB47 Traditional Correction style, and is a level 3 bit with 8.5″ Cavalry shanks. Comes with curb chain. Per Myler:

The MB 47 is a traditional correctional mouthpiece, which has a ported mouthpiece that collapses on to the outer lip and bars, and rotates on to the tongue. The MB 47 is identical to the MB 47PB but lacks Independent Side Movement. Sweet Iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

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