5″ Myler Western D Comfort Snaffle w/ Hooks


This bit has our absolute favorite mouth from Myler. The comfort snaffle mouth offers great anatomical support, ample tongue relief, with a copper roller added to make this even more supportive of your horse. This 5″ Myler Western D Comfort Snaffle with Hooks (MB 04) has hooks that give the rider mild leverage options. The mouth is made from sweet iron, which rusts with use to offer a pleasant taste for your horse. This bit is in ‘demo’ condition, never been used but has been put in a horse’s mouth a couple times. We have lost its original tag, but is in perfect condition. Per Myler:

The MB 04 is similar to the MB 02 in that it will rotate on the tongue and apply tongue pressure, however, it has a small (¼”) port that introduces some tongue relief to the horse. The port allows the horse to swallow and move his tongue when he is moving forward and relaxed, which acts as a release or reward. The mouthpiece is curved, and it wraps around the bars and lips instead of pinching. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

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