Cob/Arab Breast Collar Harness


This harness is so nice! This one was a great quality harness in its day, likely Walsh or Smuckers, but we have been unable to find a brand on it. Came from an exceptional Arab show barn, so was a nice harness. In Arab/Cob size, with a ton of adjustability. Patent leather overlay on the surcingle and blinders, black leather, with two toned black and chestnut leather driving reins. Driving reins and tugs are extra long, offering plenty of room for adjustment. Harness is complete. This one is a great option for smaller horses or larger cobs, as it has quite a bit of adjustability. This harness has spent the last 8 years or so stored in a tote, so has dried out and is a bit wonky in places. Some oiling and conditioning will do this one wonders. We have priced it according to it needing some love. If we get to it, the price is going to go up! Comes with fleece sweat guards.

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