16.5″ HDR Cahill Close Contact


Stunning 16.5″ Henri De Rivel (HDR) Cahill Close Contact in black with the coolest blue accents. This saddle doesn’t have tags, but is in new condition. Was purchased new, has new fittings on it, has been fit on a horse, but hasn’t been ridden in. These are very cool saddle with a very cool look! Offers 15″ flaps, adjustable gullet, adjustable velcro knee and thigh blocks, new leathers, and matching blue composite irons.

Offering a combination of security and closer contact with your horse, Henri de Rivel Cahill Close Contact Saddle is the epitome of quality, style, and outstanding comfort for both horse and rider. With molded knee pads and a deep seat to keep you steady over jumps. Foam panels ensure comfort. Signature stitching. Lifetime saddle tree warranty. Imported. Henri de Rivel is known for exquisite quality and incomparable European design. Saddles are made in our own factory where we can control each detail and make sure you get the best saddle around at an incredible value.

  • Lifetime saddle tree warranty
  • Regular Size Tree made of Polymer Materials
  • Medium Size Adjustable Gullet
  • Signature stitching
  • Molded knee pads and a deep seat to keep you steady over jumps

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