17.5″ County Sensation CC


We have many clients who ride in County Sensations, and it is easy to see why. They are so balanced, have great leather quality that keeps the rider secure, are wool flocked to improve saddle fit, and look stunning in and out of the show ring. This County Sensation Close Contact Jumper is in perfectly broken in condition, with butter soft bull leather that is so grippy. This one fits true to 17.5″, has a 14″ forward flap with bold blocking, and billets in excellent condition. This one has standard gussets, it is on a Medium tree that measures 4.5″, fitting on the wide side of medium, with a nice wide channel. This saddle was originally a light brown, almost an orange, so has been died a dark brown, almost black. It was professionally dyed by a saddler, so was done well and right.  This is a lovely saddle! You can get a Sensational saddle for a great price!

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