17.5″ CWD SE02 Jump


This CWD is just awesome! This saddle is just breaking in, is butter soft, and is nice, nice, NICE! This 17.5″ CWD SE02 has all you’d want in a jumping saddle. Butter soft, grippy leather, forward flap with good blocking, narrow twist, and a hunter seat. This one is a 2017 model, bought in 2018, and has been ridden for two seasons with excellent care, so is so soft. This one has both a knee roll, knee and thigh blocks, and shorter flaps at 13.5″. The gullet measures 3.5″, but fits wider than the measurement, fitting on the medium side of Medium Narrow. Wider channel, shorter panel at just 19.5″, is foam flocked, and comes with a padded cover. The only wear to note, other than some discoloration, is a nick on the pommel. This French saddle is nice! Wait until you ride in it!

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