18″ Stubben Siegfried CS Extra


Stubben’s are one of our favorite saddles. In fact, we started off with this exact saddle and still ride in one today! This Stubben Siegfried, which is one of Stubben’s most recognizable models, is pristine. It has seen far more storage than use, with the only use shown is a bit of leathers marks on the flaps. This saddle measures 18″, and fits true to that with a wider hunter style seat and very narrow twist, while still being deep. It has 15″ forward set flaps with a low profile knee block, not getting in the way of the rider’s leg. CS flaps are Stubben’s design to offer an All Purpose saddle, with the Extra flaps, which are forward flaps that are a bit longer for dressage riding and schooling. This saddle is sharp with the two toned tan and Havana color.  It has a 31cm gullet, which is Stubben’s Medium Wide, and measures 5″, fitting on the wide side of Medium Wide . This saddle has a more upright gullet angle with a moderate channel.  Shorter, upswept panels that measure 18.5″. Is wool flocked, so can have some adjustments made to it. Here is a great seat size, great quality saddle, in excellent condition for a great price!

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