17″ Billy Cook Trail Saddle


Here is a nice, Classic Billy Cook in a great seat size! You don’t have to sacrifice quality and brands for a larger seat! This Billy Cook measures and fits true to 17″. This trail saddle is build on rawhide covered wood tree, FQH Bars, measuring 6.75″, with a wider fork ankle and good wither clearance. It offers a nice padded seat, fenders that are very adjustable and go quite long, and comes fully rigged. Nice deep cantle, great leather quality, and a skirt that measures 27.5″. This saddle has seen some use, but is in very good condition. The only condition flaw to note is a rub mark on the near side panel, right by the breast collar D Ring (pictured). This saddle fits and rides like a Reiner, so may be a good option for those riders as well. You won’t be disappointed with this saddle!

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