Vintage Mexican Charro Style Silver Spurs


This pair of vintage spurs are pretty darn neat. These are made in the Mexican, large rowel Charro style. We are shocked to see the condition of these, they are in just incredible condition. If we didn’t know and trust the collector we got these from, we’d be suspicion of these being truly vintage. Not marked, but that is typical of these charro/vaquero style spurs. Blued steel, double mounted with he most incredible silver work. The silver on the outside is poured 999 sterling silver, all tests silver. Doesn’t appear to be missing any silver. Again, in incredible condition for a truly vintage item. Showing a bit of fading to the bluing, a couple scuffs here and there’sbut these are still useable and will fit a modern boot. Heel width is 3″, 3″ inside length, 2 1/2″ neck including rowel, 1 1/8″ heel band. Rowels are free spinning. Ready to use or add to your collection. These would be really cool décor items!

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