4.75″ Sliester Vintage Engraved Low Port Curb


These bits are so cool! Talk about custom quality! Sliester bits have a long lasting reputation in the western world for being quality, long lasting, and attractive bits. This bit isn’t one that you see very often from Sliester for lots of reasons. It has a sweet iron mouth, is in a smaller size, and is paired with the engraved shanks. Really incredible engraving work! Smaller mouth that is great for Arabs or Morgans at 4 3/4″, low wide port mullen mouthpiece that is all sweet iron. The sweet iron has barely started to rust. Stabilizer bar, shanks measure 8″. This is a weighty bit, with great balance and feel. This bit is in excellent condition! Show ready! This one will last into the next generation! Ride it, or add it to a collection.

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