Sliester Vintage Rawhide Hackamore


These bits are so cool! Talk about custom quality! Sliester bits have a long lasting reputation in the western world for being quality, long lasting, and attractive bits. This bit is not one you see very often, we have never had one with a rawhide nose. This is a long shank, lighter weight aluminum hackamore with 9″ shanks. Thicker, hand-braided rawhide noseband that offers a bit more ‘bite’ without being too harsh. Nice, soft option for a horse who doesn’t wish to take a bit. This is an older one, showing some use. Mainly some tarnish to the shanks and a bit of dirt on the nose. Needs a curb chain, minor rust on the bit stabilizer chain, however is a nice piece of usable vintage horse tack from a heck of a bit maker.

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