30″ 5 Star All Around Saddle Pad


Natural fibers, especially wool, are our favorite! Wool naturally wicks away moisture and sweat, are easy to keep clean, and support your horse’s tack. This 30″ x 30″ x 3/4″ in the natural cream color, with upgraded artisan “Royal Blue Laredo” wear bars, including added breast collar wear bars. This one is sharp! This wool saddle pad from 5 Star is their most popular pads. The All Around saddle pad is great for shorter skirted saddles, with great contour along the spine, has cut outs under your leg for a closer contact feel, and has a cut out withers for ample support for your horse. Here is another one from our personal collection –Ok, Ok, we know we are hoarders, but seriously we don’t need this many pads! But, in true us fashion, we spilled neatsfool oil on the top. It will likely come out with some scrubbing, but we never tried. Well taken care of, but does need a good wash from a handful of rides last season. In good used condition.

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