SmartRider Escape Breakaway Safety Stirrups


Very lightly used, and lightweight composite material safety iron. 4.5″ foot with a 3″ neck, these will work for some western saddles as well as English and Endurance saddles. SmartRider Escape Breakaway safety stirrups are a popular option in many riding communities, as they are a light weight, durable, and quality option for a safety stirrup to help prevent dragging or injury from falls. These are very lightly used and offered for far less than retail…if you can even find them in stock right now! Foot pads could use a good cleaning, we are just being picky at this point. Per SmartRider:

Works with both English and western saddles. Rugged high density shock resistant construction, molded with a rubber foot tread. Designed to break away in case of a fall. This stirrup was made to release when pressue is applied laterally, helping to prevent a rider from being dragged after falling.  The middle bar is designed not to release unless the toe of the foot is pointed upwards, as it does when a rider falls from the horse, hooks the bar and applies lateral pressure.  The inner bar will then release, freeing the foot from the stirrup.  An added feature is this stirrup can be used as a mounting aid/ladder when titled to a 180 degree angle.



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