14.5″ Hereford Vintage Saddle


Here is a trusty, rusty, well made older saddle. These older Herefords show that quality saddles will last! This Hereford is a trail type saddle, with beautiful tooling work. Lighter weight than many of these older ones, with a duck bill style horn 15″, with a deeper seat and higher cantle, fitting closer to a 14.5″. Likely on Semi QH bars that measure 5.5″, with a wider flare, fitting wider than you’d expect with the gullet measurement, ample wither clearance and some rock to the bar. Shorter skirt at 25″. Fenders offer great adjustability, making this one youth friendly.  It has dried from storage, so would benefit from oiling. The back of the skirt has been re-stitched. However, this one is sound, affordable, and has a great look!

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