14″ Billy Cook Half Breed Barrel Saddle


This saddle is just darling! This Billy Cook is a OK made Classic Billy Cook, so one of the good ones. While this is a bit of an older saddle, likely nearing 10 years old, this has seen just enough rides to get the bottom of the stirrups just a bit dirty. Other than that, this saddle is near pristine! Measures 14″, fitting closer to 13.5″ as it has a very deep seat and taller cantle. On QH Bars, measuring 6.5″ with a wide fork angle. The measurement looks narrower than it is, as it has very thick fleecing. This one has a great look, in light oil with roughed out jockeys and fenders, paired with the deep seat offers a very secure ride. Very short skirt at just 23″, wood tree so does have some weight to it, free swinging fenders that offer great adjustability, and comes with a matching Billy Cook breast collar. 2.5″ horn, 4″ cantle, 9.5″ thigh space. Fully rigged, too! Here is a nice quality saddle, in pristine condition, and a great price!

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