14″ Black Mesa Roper by Len Brown w/ Corrector Saddle Pad


This saddle is absolutely stunning, seeing barely any use and isn’t even broken in yet! Our client hates to part with it. He had it custom ordered, but sadly, his new horse is just too narrow for this stunner of a saddle. Made by renowned saddler, Len Brown, yes, THE Len Brown formally of OrthoFlex, on his Black Mesa Saddle Tree, this saddle is one that will last a life time. This saddle is designed to have wider shoulder flare with a shorter tree in the front, giving ample room for the shoulders to move, while still being wide through the tree, perfect for those beefier ranch horses with a sprung rib cage. The short skirt at just 24″ and the equitation cut skirt helps limit any unnecessary bulk. On wide, 7.5″ gullet on Full Bars, fenders are hung from stirrup bars that allow for freedom of movement, Jeremiah Watt conchos with strings, very adjustable fenders, and a modern look. To order this saddle new, you’d be spending $4000. To make this saddle even better, it comes fully rigged including an almost new 34″ Classic Equine mohair cinch and wide roper back cinch. This one also has a nearly new Len Brown Corrector pad, designed to give a great foundation and shock absorption for your horse. This paid has been used twice, just enough to get a teeny bit of horse hair under the liner. The pad itself retails for over $400! This fully rigged, ready to work, roper package is priced so well!

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