14” Reinsman X-Series Roper


It can be far too hard to find smaller seated, quality ropers. This Reinsman X-Series roper is the real deal! Heavy duty, well made, and a heck of a look. This one is a true 14″, with a slightly raised twist and moderate height cantle at 3″ with a black suede seat and nice padding. On a wide, wide Full QH Bars that measures 7″ with a very wide flare. This one fits wide and low, with not a ton of rock to the bars. Paired with a shorter skirt at just 25″, this one is perfect for a short and stocky built horse. This is a heavy duty, work horse of a saddle with a 3″ x 2.25″ post horn, currently rubber wrapped. Heavy, large ring rigging that is all reinforced, on a wood tree weighting all of 40lbs. Fenders go surprising long, but also go short enough for a petite rider, with a nice pair of aluminum wrapped oak weighted stirrups. Comes with rear cinch, and off side rear latigo. Missing near side rear latigo. Had a hoof pick added above the rear rigging that was kept by its last rider, so there are two small holes to have another one mounted. All roughed out fenders and jockeys, with great tooling on the rest. Just a darn nice saddle, one that is in great condition and ready to work!

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