15.5″ Santa Fe Ranch Cutter


Here is a nice work horse of a saddle for an affordable price! This 15.5″ Santa Fe roper is in good used condition, ready for far more work! 15.5″, fitting a bit smaller, is on a wood tree with Semi bars that measure 5.5″, with a wide shoulder flare, and ample wither clearance. Don’t shy away from the narrower gullet measurement, this one fits wider than it measure. This is a great option for those more athletic types, with taller withers and wider shoulders.  It has a really sharp look, with more of a medium color, and very deep tooling. The tooling looks to be hand done, giving this saddle a custom look and feel. Fenders go very long, making this a great option for a leggy rider. Comes with rear latigos and front rigging. Doesn’t come with stirrups. Post, light roper style horn, has plenty of weight to it, longer skirt 27″.  Nice saddle, one that will hold up to plenty of work, and last a lifetime. You can get a nice work saddle for an affordable price!

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