15.5″ Tucker Cheyenne Frontier Trail Saddle Package


It is no rumor about how much we love Tucker Saddles. Our very favorite ones are the older ones, when Tucker was its own company. You can’t beat the quality, comfort, and craftsmanship of these older saddles. We love this exact model so much, we have two of them! This one is in exceptional condition, just great! Per serial number, it is a 15.5″, but with that great padded and deep seat, fits a bit smaller than a that. On a Medium tree per serial number, measuring 6″ with a very wide fork and low fork angle, fitting like QH Bars. This one has some rock to the bar, making this a great option for a horse with a bit more angle. Let’s talk about skirt! This one is impossibly short at just 23.5″, making this a great option for those mounts with super short backs. This one offers butter soft leather, slightly set back rigging to open up the shoulder, very light weight at just 24lbs, and has stripped down fenders to lessen the bulk under your leg to support knees and ankles. To make this saddle even better, it comes fully fitted with Tucker Breast collar, nice matching headstall with split reins. This also has the upgraded, padded Cloud trail stirrups. That seat is where it’s at! It is heavily padded with a self cooling impact gel material to absorb shock, while keeping you cool and secure. You don’t find these older ones in this condition very often!

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