15″ Abetta Original Synthetic Western Saddle


Here is a nice, affordable saddle that would be perfect for an extra saddle or just starting out. However, don’t let a synthetic saddle scare you, Abetta is the industry standard for synthetic saddles, in fact, are the most popular maker of these worldwide! You know these are quality coming from Abetta. These saddles are popular options as they are easy to care for and is very light weight, weighing under 17 lbs. 15″ per serial number, fitting true to that, with very adjustable fenders and a nice, deep and padded seat. This one is on QH bars, fitting wider than that with the gullet measuring 7″ and has some rock to the bars while offering a very short skirt at just 23″. On a ralide tree, which cuts the weight down, made form a heavy 1000 Denier nylon material, that is durable, lightweight and will last. This saddle retails for over $500! This one is new, without tags, never been ridden in or near a horse. This is just an affordable, lightweight saddle option!

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