15″ El Dorado American Flex Endurance Saddle


This is a cool saddle! When Len Brown sold OrthoFlex, it was first purchased by a German Saddler, who took the brand on as American Flex, sometimes known as America-Flex, building the same theory into each saddle, but now offered with the exceptional German leather and craftsmanship we have come used to from German saddlers. For a moment, the patent was owned by a saddler from Illinois, which built under the name, El Dorado. OrthoFlex, El Dorado, and American Flex are built by Hill View Farms, so these ones are hard to come by.

This saddle is a combination of the Patriot and Trooper, with a great feel and support for rider and horse. This one has a higher pommel, endurance style swells, very deep eat with great padding, low profile fenders and padded stirrups, and external thigh blocks to secure the rider’s leg. This one is on the famous and loved flex panel, which is suspended from the tree, offering great flexibility for fit. This has heavy leather “Y” style center fire rigging that is adjustable. Plenty of strings and rings for packing, fleece lined panels, and is very short skirted at just 24″. This saddle is in excellent condition, seeing far more storage than use.

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