15″ Hereford Vintage Laced Silver Pleasure Trail Saddle


These older Hereford saddles have been popular among our clients. They are quality saddles, built to last, and are very affordable. This Hereford is a pleasure/trail type saddle, with absolutely stunning laced silver along the cantle and the skirt. This one has such a cool look and is in outstanding condition given its age. If we are reading the serial number correctly, its from 1984, but don’t tell it that! On a wood tree, with a reining/pleasure horn and is very much that look. 15″, with a deeper seat and higher cantle. Surprisingly wide given its age, fitting like Full QH bars and measuring 7″ with a wide shoulder angle, fitting low and wide and a bit flatter. Shorter skirt at 25″. Fenders offer great adjustability, set back rigging to open up the shoulder. This one is an older one, from 1981 if we are reading the serial number correctly, but is in good condition given its age. Lovely tooling, great leather, and has been well cared for. Add it to a collection or ride in it for a few more decades!

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