15″ Vintage Circle Y All Arounder Package


If we wanted a new vice, other than hoarding tack, it would be a collector of vintage saddles. We’ve seen plenty in our days, however, we have never seen a saddle in this condition. This one has an old, old serial number under the rear skirt, and if we are reading this correctly, this one is from 1973. Don’t tell this saddle that, it looks straight off a show room floor. This thing is STUNNING! In a lovely light oil, fully hand tooled, that is topped off with buck stitching. 15″, with a higher/raised twist, fitting a bit smaller. On likely Semi Bars, measuring 6.5″. Very short skirt at 24.5″, on a wood tree, and just has a look to it. It comes with a matching breast collar, showing the most wear of the package. There is a bit of oxidization on the rigging plate from storage, but at this point, we are getting picky. If this saddle wasn’t amazing enough on its own, it comes with a matching 28″ Circle Y mohair string cinch that has brass North & Judd (August Buerman) hardware. Lord, this thing is nice. This saddle will ride so well, but this one needs to be on display in someone’s house, it is that pretty!

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