15″ Vintage Sean Ryon All Around Roper


We have had more and more clients wanting saddles and tack from “the good old days”, where saddles weren’t production line made, all were crafted by hand down to each stitch, and ones that will last onto the next generation. Sure, bling is fun-but these old ones were outlast all the shiny stuff any day. If we are reading the serial number right, this one is from 1986 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 15″ seat with the raised twist and deep seat pocket, on a heavy wood tree with a dally style horn. All hand carved, with buck stitching and what seems to be either sterling or overlay silver conchos to top this one off. All wool underside, which does show some wear in a few places, 7″ FQH bars gullet, and shorter skirt at 26″. This classy saddle shows some wear in the form of some surface cracking, worn lacing in the back, and some dryness, but boy, with some oil this one will shine again. Don’t pass up this piece of history.

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