15” Vintage Simco All Arounder


Yes, this is an older saddle. Yes, it is an older style. But, real life, we have saddles in that are only a few years old in poorer condition than this one. This Simco was purchased new, well over 20 years ago, by a darling older woman. She used the heck out of it, but it has been cared for better than many horses out there. This one is pristine, with buttery leather and no condition issues to note at all. 15″, fitting a tish smaller, with a nice deep and wider seat. On a ralide tree, so lighter weight, on what seems to fit like QH bars, with the gullet measuring 6.75″. Has good wither clearance, and a bit of rock to the bar, and a nice short skirt at just 24.5″. Plenty of adjustment to the fenders, nice and lightweight, and is just a darn nice saddle. The price makes it even better!

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