15″ Wintec Pro Western Saddle


Here is the perfect extra saddle, kiddo saddle, or even a colt starter. Nothing fancy here, but Wintec saddles are good reliable brands. 15″ with a nice deep seat, fully synthetic so makes maintenance and cleaning very easy. The Pro series is made from Equi-suede, which is popular in the English line of saddles as its grippier and softer. On Semi Bars that measure 5.75″ with a wide flare and has quite a bit of the bars. Double rigged for rigging adjustment. Very short skirt at just 24″. 3″ cantle, fenders are very adjustable going surprisingly short, working for the whole family! This saddle is so light, weights less than 20lbs. In very good used condition, showing hardly any wear just some barn dust, and a bit of flaring towards the end of the saddle from being stacked on other saddles.

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