16.5″ King Series Draft Trail


Draft horse and wide horse riders, here is the saddle for you! New with tags from King, on their draft bars. 16.5″, deep seated, high backed trail saddle with great padding to keep you secure and balanced. Here is when gullet measurements can be deceiving. The gullet measures 6.5″, however, it has a wide fork angle and draft bars means its wider through the whole length of the tree, getting around the spine and fitting well on those ‘propane tank’ shaped horses. On a rawhide wrapped, lighter weight wood tree, taller horn and wider swells to make sure the rider is as secure as possible. Seat does fit just a bit smaller with the 4.5″ cantle. Very adjustable fenders, double rigged, comes with all rigging, and has a 28″ skirt. King saddles have gotten a lot better in their quality. This one is well constructed, but does have a more economy leather to it. This is a nice, new with tags, lightweight (26 lbs), saddle that is offered for over $400 less than retail!

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