16” Australian Outrider Dundee Rancher Aussie Saddle


Have you ever wanted to try an Aussie saddle, but didn’t want to invest a ton of money, just to try one? Well, here is your chance! This Aussie is made by Australian Outrider Saddlery, which is now a more economy brand, but this one doesn’t feel economy. Nice leather quality, great construction, and the Dundee Rancher model is made from a heavier duty tree that will hold up to harder work like a western saddle, but still offering the comfort and security of an Aussie. It is a western style Aussie with a horn. It measures 15″ as measured as a western saddle, 16″ as measured as an English saddle. Fits like a 16″ even with the super deep seat and those great swells. 6″ gullet, fitting like a wide, or Full Bars for us western folk. Fits wide and is wide through the whole tree, 27″ skirt. English style rigging, wider fenders and great brass hardware. In good used condition and has such a nice look. Great affordable, heavy duty Aussie saddle!

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