16″ Silver Royal Trainer


Now, here is a nice, sturdy, affordable training saddle. From Silver Royal, and with the serial number, was likely made before they went in a more economy style production. 16″, with a nice deep and wide seat to keep the rider secure, fitting true to its 16″ measurement. Gullet measures 6″, likely on Semi Bars, with a more “A” frame built, perfect for a horse with a strong wither and wider lower shoulder. Think TB, Hunt Seater, or pleasure horse. 28″ skirt, equitation style with close contact feel under the fender, and heavy reinforced D rings. This one has seen plenty of use, showing scuffs, smoothing of the leather, and leather discoloration, but this one is solid. Fenders are very adjustable, going long with ease. This one has a quick buckle instead of Blevin buckles. Affordable addition to your training tack!

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