18″ Stockman’s Bush Rider Aussie


Many Australian saddles on the market leave plenty to be desired. Many lower end makers have built/produced Aussie’s to make them affordable and popular with everyday riders, or to make them for the curious rider to try. This has turned off many, as the materials are sub-par or simply not comfortable. Well…finally…this is an Aussie that has all the feel and craftsmanship of a high end custom saddle. Well, that is because it is! This saddle is from the earlier, and frankly, better years of Stockman’s saddles, before they became a production/economy saddle. Yes, you can buy the new ones now for $500, but they aren’t the quality of these older ones. This one is older, actually is a new old stock item, and is likely upwards of 10 years old. We are calling it “New Other/Demo” as it has some scuffs from storage, but never need near a horse. This saddle ismade with English saddle leather, real wool or felted wool liners (panels/flocking), and all brass fittings on a wood tree. . Depending on how you measure it, it measures 18″ as measured English or 15″ measured as a western. This one is the stock/western style, with the horn, with bold external swells that keep the rider secured and braced. This one is lined with a felt lined panel, flocked with wool, reducing slip, conforming to your horse, and can be adjusted by a saddler for more fit. The tree is low profile, giving this saddle a great, close contact feel. 4.75″ gullet, fitting like an English Medium Wide, or western QH bars. Comes fully fitted with leathers/stirrups and Girth. When this was new, this one retailed for $1800 (yes, we know the production ones retail for $500, but this is not a production saddle), and we are thrilled to offer this for less than retail.

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