CL Custom Saddles

CL Custom Saddles

Our History

In 2014 or 2015, Brassy began acquiring several saddles in need of pretty significant repair work. As we (Cadie and Calie) were known to do, we had this great idea of finding these repairable saddles as they were super good deals!(sound familiar Thomas?!) However, we had no actual plan on how to get them repaired. Thank goodness someone referred us to a local saddle maker who was supposedly retired, but may be interested in taking on this type of work. So, Cadie gives Cliff Langerud a call; “Hello sir, we hear you’re retired but are looking for someone to help with some repair work” He says, “I don’t know who started that nasty rumor…I’m very much building away! Bring what you have by.” And well, the rest is history!

Seven years, dozens of repair saddles, lots of hours spent in Cliff’s basement saddle shop, and a little bit of saddle building knowledge later…Cliff tells Cadie he wants to go fishing. Turns out that that was his way of saying he was ready to retire, and we needed to decide if we wanted to pull the trigger and do this thing! So, we are doing this thing!

Cliff now comes a couple hours a week to build, tell really great stories, and teach Cadie a thing or two about this historic trade! To say we are honored to continue Cliff’s legacy is an understatement. You’ll often hear Cadie say that working with Cliff will be the greatest pleasure, privilege, and joy of her life.

Our Saddles

Our saddles are built using only the best materials in the market. We proudly use Wickett and Craig English Bridle Leather. Our trees are entirely custom Steele Saddle Trees fit by Cadie and patiently altered by Ed Steele. Like everything in the equine world, there is so much more to learn but we are happy with the start!

Langerud Custom Saddles

Our goal is to compile all of Cliff’s saddle records digitally over the next couple years. The section below will change/update as that happens!